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     We have a wide selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, sliced breads, artisan breads, rolls, bagels, croissants, tortillas and many more. In our experiences, we have found that it's a lot easier dealing with one company, one invoice, one driver, for any establishment. For your convenience, we offer early deliveries, 6 days per week, with the freshest possible product. Ordering is simplified as well. You could call in your order 24 hours ahead or our drivers could keep track of your inventory, and build you up to the pars we establish after a short few weeks.

Customer Service


   While Purfresh prides itself for having over 500 customers and 400 quality products, we emphasize customer service over all. Our customer service is known to be legendary In the industry. We have emergency delivery when you're running low, 24-hour customer service with a live representative and above all the peace of mind that your product will be delivered when YOU need it. What are you waiting for, get in touch with one of our sales representatives TODAY! 

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